State of Hawaiʻi Colocation

Status: CompletedMarch 2016
Primary Contact: Bill Wrobleski (, Director, Technology Infrastructure

Strategic Alignment: 
21st Century Facilities

ITS Strategy: 
(C) Proactively Build Capacity

Description & Benefits: 
Coordinate and facilitate the colocation of State of Hawaiʻi IT server capacity from current commercial space and at-risk State of Hawaiʻi facilities. This will support overall cost savings, site diversity and increase the beneficial sharing of resources and capacity between UH and State of Hawaiʻi IT operations.


  • Implement State private network extension within ITC – October 2015 – Completed
  • Install and test State servers residing in standard racks – December 2015 – Completed
  • Install and test State backup mainframe – March 2016 – Completed