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UH SurveyShare

The University of Hawaii Information Technology Services (ITS) has licensed SurveyShare for UH Web-based survey and assessment needs. SurveyShare is a user-friendly tool for designing and conducting online surveys. Construct a survey either from scratch, or based on a variety of question templates. Send email invitations to potential respondents, and analyze responses in text and graphical form.

SurveyShare is entirely Web-based, and requires no special software to be installed on your computer; therefore, it is available to users of Windows, Macintosh, Linux and all other operating systems.

SurveyShare Features

Request a SurveyShare Account

UH Faculty and staff may request a SurveyShare account by submitting the following UH SurveyShare Account Request form: University of Hawaii SurveyShare Account Request

Accounts are available for three (3) months.
(If needed, a year-long account can be purchased from SurveyShare; check this page for academic pricing:

Develop your survey questions and receive IRB approval (if applicable) PRIOR to requesting an account. If an individual/department wants an account for long-term use, please license your own copy directly from SurveyShare Inc. ( Individual(s)/department(s) welcome to conduct survey using an ITS SurveyShare account to see if SurveyShare meets their needs prior to obtaining their own license from SurveyShare Inc.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The UH Institutional Review Board, Committee on Human Studies may need to pre-approve your survey project. The IRB serves as an objective third party, an oversight committee, governed by Federal Regulations with the purpose of protecting and managing risk to human participants involved in research. Although these regulations specifically apply only to federally funded research, the policy of the University of Hawaii is that all research conducted under its banner should meet the same standard.

Federal Guidelines allow for some research to be exempt from IRB review. Only the CHS Office / Committee Chair or designated member may approve exempt research (view categories eligible for exempt reviews -


You have the option to advertise an open survey to selected UH campus faculty/staff and/or students by submitting the following UH Broadcast form: (requires UH login)

Other UH email practices such as creating a mailing list can be found at the following ITS Help site:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Who can request a UH ITS SurveyShare account?
A: UH faculty/staff conducting UH sponsored surveys.

Q: When can I request a UH ITS SurveyShare account?
A: You can request an account anytime AFTER you have IRB approval (if applicable) AND survey questions have been developed.

Q: How do I request a UH ITS SurveyShare account?
A: Request a SurveyShare account by filling out and submitting the following UH ITS SurveyShare Account Request form: University of Hawaii SurveyShare Account Request

Q: How do I use SurveyShare?
A: SurveyShare is designed to be easy to learn and use. First, prepare your survey questions, then if applicable gain survey approval through IRB. After that task you'll need to request an account from ITS. The actual process of creating your first survey is a straightforward process of logging into your account, entering your survey questions, testing the survey, and addressing your survey to potential respondents. Finally, you activate your survey and start viewing responses as they arrive, in real time.

Q: Are survey templates available?
A: SurveyShare has over 200 survey templates available which are accessible once you receive your account. You can view them here:

Q: Are there tutorials I can view to help me work with SurveyShare?
A: SurveyShare has a Help page to assist you with developing and activating your survey, and with reviewing statistical information:

Q: How many users can access the survey at anyone time?
A: There is no limit.

Q: Can a survey be re-used?
A: Yes, you can save your original survey as a template which then can be edited and activated again at a later time.

Q: How do users access my survey?
A: SurveyShare offers a variety of methods for user access, all of which are based on participants going to a URL (web address) that is automatically created by SurveyShare upon survey activation:

Q: How long do I have access to my account?
A: ITS SurveyShare accounts are available for three months from the time you are approved. If an account is needed for a longer term, a yearly account can be purchased directly from SurveyShare. At the time of this writing, the academic price for yearly accounts is $149.99:

Q: How do I gain access to my survey results?
A: SurveyShare maintains all statistical information within your account. This information can be downloaded to your local computer for importing into a spreadsheet application.

Q: Can survey statistics be downloaded?
A: Yes, statistical information can be downloaded to your desktop and then imported into a spreadsheet application. Log into your account, click on "Survey Control", select the icon under "view results", then choose to "Download results to your computer".

Q: If users have technical difficulty in accessing my survey who do they contact?
A: Contact SurveyShare Inc. support at:

Q: Does SurveyShare work with e-readers?
A: Using simple question types (e.g. those without scroll menus), respondents using e-readers like JAWS should be able to read SurveyShare's surveys.


To view the streamed video you will need a RealMedia Player installed on your local computer - you may already have such a player installed.

Windows > Go to the site <>, click orange button for "Download RealPlayer", over on the right under the header for "Or get our basic player" (in gray) select the link for "Download Free RealPlayer

Macintosh > Go to the site <>, on the top right click the BLUE button for "Free RealPlayer" and proceed to fill out needed info


UH ITS SurveyShare Admin (contact for questions concerning UH ITS SurveyShare account):

SurveyShare Inc.:

SurveyShare Inc. Technical Support: