Telecommunications Forms

The forms are in a fillable PDF format. Click on the form to open it in Adobe Acrobat. (Get Adobe Acrobat.) After filling out the appropriate form, print them out and send them to our office. You may also open the forms in a fillable Word format by clicking on the appropriate link.

If you are having trouble accessing one or more of these forms, please contact the Telecom office by calling 956-6033 (extension 66033 from a campus line).

Telecom Request - Campus Items  - Form 1A     (Word Format)

  • Use this form for all telephone, data, and other telecommunications services except for those listed under UHTR Form 1 requiring Department of Accounting & General Services approval. (The request for new lines or activation of jacks also requires the completion of Form 2)

Telecom Request - DAGS  - Form 1    

Use this form for:
  • Centranet Lines
  • UH agencies situtated in State office bldgs managed or leased by DAGS or other departments within the Executive Branch
  • Payphone & Long Distance services
  • Radio Systems, equipment, and other accessories
  • Interfacing with Hawaii Wide Area Integrated Information Access Network (HAWAIIAN)

     Hats Information Sheet     (Word Format)

Telecommunications Management System Directory   - Form 2    

  • Use this form to provide directory information for new phone lines. Use this form to provide updated information for existing lines as well.

Transfer of Line  - Form 2A     (Word Format)

  • Use this form to change ownership of line(s) from one department to another.

Department Telecom Coordinator (DTC) Change Form  - Form 2B     (Word Format)

  • Use this form to change a Department Telecommunications Coordinator (DTC).

Account Code Change Request for Telephone Lines  - Form 4     (Word Format)

  • Use this form to update equipment and/or toll account codes for telephone lines.