UH Cyberinfrastructure and TACC Host Agave Workshop


On April 13th the Texas Advanced Computing Center’s (TACC) Rion Dooley, John Fonner and Joe Stubbs conducted a workshop for UH researchers covering the use of the Agave platform (http://agaveapi.co) for supporting research data management and computation.  The full day workshop walked researchers through using the Agave command line tools inside a Jupyter notebook as they registered the UH ITS HPC compute system and scratch file system in Agave and created some test applications that move data, run computation and archive results in an automated fashion.

UH and TACC are partners on a $4 million dollar NSF grant to bring this “Science As A Service” platform to UH and other institutions to support and accelerate research.  Agave allows researchers to leverage existing storage and computation systems both locally, nationally and internationally as part of their project infrastructure.  Agave does this by making it easier to share data and software with other researchers using the technologies we use everyday such as the web and as more tools arrive for the platform they will allow researchers to rely less on the command line and terminal.

Already there have been several online science gateways built using the Agave platform including: the Arabidopsis information portal , Araport which offers gene and protein reports with orthology, expression, interactions and the latest annotation, analysis tools, community apps, the iPlant Collaborative, now CyVerse,  which provides life scientists with powerful computational infrastructure to handle huge datasets and complex analyses that enable data-driven discovery, BioExtract an open, web-based system designed to aid researchers in the analysis of genomic data by providing a platform for the creation of bioinformatic workflows, and DesignSafe is the cyberinfrastructure component of the NSF-supported Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI).