Enhance UH Login Security

Completed: April 2017
Primary Contact: Bill Wrobleski (wrob@hawaii.edu), Director, Technology Infrastructure

Strategic Alignment: 
High Performance Mission-Driven System

ITS Strategy: 
(E) Build Innovative Environments

Description & Benefits: 
This project is designed to improve UH security by adding multi-factor authentication capabilities to UH’s Web Login. This involves implementing Duo Security, a third party cloud-based authentication system, with UH’s Web Login system. Duo has been widely adopted by higher education institutions, and is an excellent way to strengthen security by reducing the risks associated with standard password-based systems.


  • Upgrade UH federated login system (Shibboleth) – September 2016 – Completed
  • Merge UH Web Login (CAS) with federated login system (Shibboleth) – September 2016 – Completed
  • Integrate Multi-Factor Authentication with UH Web Login – October 2016 – Completed
  • Pilot new UH Web Login system – November 2016 – Completed
  • Roll-out new UH Web Login system – February 2017 – Completed