Video Services

ITS Video Production ServicesThe ITS Video Production Team provides creative video solutions for broadcast, internal and external promotion, and the web. Our services include recording and live streaming events and performances and the creation of training, orientation, and promotional videos. We offer on location and in-studio recording, as well as any pre-production assistance and post-production.

Services We Provide

Video Production

Video production is an involved process and requires detailed planning and coordination to properly execute, as well as careful audio and video post-production following any actual recording. Our Video Productions Services team will work with you throughout the entire process to help ensure the quality of your final product.


The first phase of any successful production is pre-production (planning and coordination), where you identify your goals for the video. It's typically a two-way process so the production team can give feedback and suggestions on how to best execute your ideas, as well as determine your technical needs.

Pre-production includes, but is not limited to:

  • Identifying the purpose and scope of the video, as well as its target audience and delivery method
  • Developing the concept (creating a general outline to focus the content)
  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding (the more detailed, the better to refine the messaging)
  • Creating a budget
  • Determining any potential copyright or permissions issues
  • Scheduling production crew, equipment, talent and locations
  • Scouting locations and preparing talent ahead of time to ensure a smooth production
  • Securing any additional props or materials as required

All required elements for your project should be identified as early as possible: you will need to obtain a copyright clearance for any photographs, music, video clips or graphics created by someone else. Talent and location release forms may also be required.


The production phase is the acquisition and creation of all the elements that will be seen or heard in the final program, including presenters and interviews, supplementary video footage, live music, narration, and supporting slide shows or other visual aids (e.g., PowerPoint slides).

Our video production team can provide services for:

  • Single or multiple camera shoots (ENG and EFP productions)
  • Live and/or recorded events
  • On location and in-studio productions
  • Audio/visual technical support
  • Interactive web events such as live streams or webinars

Post Production

The post-production phase includes video editing and color correction, as well as audio editing and mixing. Video clips and other media assets described above are cut together to create a final product. Additional graphic elements such as titles, backgrounds, and credits may also be created during this phase. Audio clips are optimized and mixed with music if appropriate. Video colors are corrected, and all video and audio levels are set to appropriate standardized levels. Once the editing is complete, the video is then exported to the requested final format for broadcast television or the web.


Captions display the text transcription of anything said, and description of anything else heard, during a video. They should include all dialogue, as spoken verbatim, as well as descriptions of any non-speech sounds, such as noises, sound effects and music. Captions can either be closed or open. Closed Captions can be turned on and off, while Open Captions are permanently embedded over the video, effectively functioning as subtitles that can't be turned off.

Please be aware that to be ADA compliant, captions are required by law for broadcast and online videos, recorded lectures, and online courses. Any video you produce on behalf of UH must include closed captioning.

To learn more about UH's commitment and guidelines:

For more information on ADA and video accessibility:


Webcasting is the streaming of audio/video over the internet, so that people not able to attend physically can still watch an event via an internet connection. ITS offers non-interactive (view only) web streaming from our own servers. Video can be streamed live or played back on demand as an archived video file. Live streams or video file playbacks are accessible via customizable internet links. Please note archival streaming is available on our servers for up to one year only.

Video Conferencing

If your live stream needs audience interaction, ITS currently supports Zoom Meetings and Webinars.

For these video conferencing services, please refer to this page.