A quick reference to determine what video collaboration option best meet your conferencing needs.

ExampleSolutionITS Service
An individual with no access to a videoconference room that needs to join in a collaborative meeting or do a presentation (i.e. guest presenter, research collaboration, etc.)Desktop Videoconferencing lets you interact with people from your computer and share content.Desktop Videoconferencing Service
A group of people meeting on their computer or device and not at a designated videoconference room.Cloud-based Videoconferencing allows a group of people to interact and share content from their desktops or mobile device.Cloud-based Videoconferencing Service
A meeting where a group of people are attending at various videoconferencing room locations.Room-based Videoconferencing lets you interact with people using a designated room equipped with cameras, audio systems, and instructional media to display documents.
A meeting where groups of people are attending in-person at either  a videoconference room, on their desktop or mobile device, and/or phoneAn MCU (multipoint control unit) can bridge each videoconference solution listed above into one conference, reaching out to a larger group of people for interaction and content sharing.ITS Bridging Service

Other Collaboration Services offered by Information Technology Services

ExampleSolutionITS Service
A meeting of individuals on the phoneAudioconferencing allows “audio only” interaction.Meridian Integrated Conference Bridge
A large public meeting or event viewed live or at a later date on a computer or device.Webcasting uses streaming media technology to distributed live or on demand events over the InternetVideo Production Services
A meeting or “one-to-many” presentation done in a virtual meeting room.Webconferencing enables participants to connect to each other in real time using a web browser. Participants interact using the chat options or a separate phone connection, video limited to presenter.Hālāwai

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