UH H.323 Endpoint (Resource for UH Department/Division IT Staff)

This resource page is provided for UH departments and colleges that own and manage their own H.323 standards-based videoconference endpoint and videoconference rooms.

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H.323 Directory

Information Technology Services provides a public directory of University of Hawaii H.323 Endpoints that are certified with the ITS Bridging Service gatekeeper.  The directory is not all-inclusive.  Being listed in the H.323 Directory is optional.  The UH H.323 Directory is for informational purposes only.

  • UH H.323 Endpoint Directory
  • It is the responsibility of the department’s technician (or person responsible of the department’s videoconferencing room/endpoint) to contact the Interactive Video Scheduler at (808) 956-2724, or e-mail itvscheduler-l@lists.hawaii.edu for any changes or request to be added to the directory.


Bridging Service

The ITS Bridging Service connects multiple endpoints using one or more of the UH-supported videoconferencing solutions, e.g. room based videoconferencing systems, desktop videoconferencing (Polycom RealPresence Desktop), cloud-based videoconferecing (Polycom Web Suite), and phone (audio only connections).

  1. Service is standards-based and interoperable with most H.323 devices (Tandbergs, LifeSize, Polycom, etc.).
  2. Service is not for use in combination with any proprietary webconferencing or videoconferencing tools, including but not limited to Halawai, AdobeConnect, Blackboard Collaborate, Skype, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Lync, Google+, iChat, etc.
    1. ITS recommends the use of the following services for personal videoconferencing:  Desktop Videoconferencing Services and Cloud-based Videoconferencing Services
  3. Service does not support H.320 (ISDN) endpoints.


Endpoint Certification

  1. All room-based and RealPresence Desktop (RPD) videoconferencing endpoints MUST be certified before participating in an ITS Bridging Service conference. Information Technology Services requires that the certification process be completed before a request is submitted.
  2. The certification process attempts to validate that the endpoint (i.e. videoconference device and related audio-visual equipment, and associated network connectivity) is compatible with the ITS Bridging Service, and establishes that the configuration works properly at that point and time.Prior to the certification test, the Endpoint Technical Contact will be provided with:
    • Unique e.164 number (for UH sites only) that will identify this endpoint
    • Sites with an allocated e.164 number need to have this information inputted correctly into the device.
    • ITS Gatekeeper address
    • Conference ID for the certification test
  3. The certification test session places the endpoint, along with all of its associated equipment and network connections, in an actual bridging service session to identify any compatibility and connectivity issues.
  4. Upon successful completion of the certification process, endpoints are able to use the ITS Bridging Service
  5. A successful certification does NOT guarantee that all future ITS Bridging Service conferences will proceed problem-free.It is incumbent the Endpoint Technical Contact actively monitor the use of the endpoint and related equipment to help ensure the test videoconference session functions as expected.
  6. Certified endpoints that are inactive with the ITS Bridging Service after one year will need to be recertified.
  7. To schedule an endpoint certification, please submit a complete the online Endpoint Certification Request Form.
  8. For more assistance, please contact the ITV Scheduler at (808) 956-2724 or itvscheduler-l@lists.hawaii.edu


Endpoint Reservations

When the Bridging Service is scheduled for a multipoint videoconference; it is the responsibility of the Event Coordinator to work directly with each department or college for the use of the endpoint and conference room prior to submitting a Bridging Service request.

When reserving an endpoint the Event Coordinator needs to:

  • Confirm availability and reservations of endpoint and videoconference room.
  • Coordinate between participant(s) and technical contact for any training, policies or technical assistance in the use of the reserved endpoint

The Endpoint Technical Contact needs to provide to the Event Coordinator:

  • Technical Contact Information (Name, Phone, Email Address)
  • Location (Building, Room #)
  • Endpoint e.164 number (e.g. 00114690xxxxxx)
    • This number should be provided during the Bridging Service certification and registration process


On the day of the videoconference

It is critical that each Endpoint Technical Contact confirm that their endpoint is properly configured with the correct settings.

H.323 e.164 Number:

At the designated time (i.e. the Initiation Start Time) the Endpoint Technical Contact should connect to the Bridging Service videoconference session using the Conference ID provided in the latest e-mail confirmation notice specific to the videoconference.


In case of problems during a Videoconference

We recommend the Endpoint Technical Contacts leave their phone number with participants in case problems occur.

In the unlikely event the endpoint is disconnected ITS recommends redialing the Conference ID.

Problems may be escalated to ITS by calling the trouble-shooting number provided on the Bridging Service email notification or the UH VOC at 808-956-5191.

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