Innovative Teaching


Open Lab

The Physics/Physical Science/Engineering lab is being run as an open laboratory. The open lab is available every afternoon during the week for students to perform the required work for their lab courses. An open lab environment allows the students the work at their own speed, and on their own schedule. The open lab is a vibrant space, equipped with microcomputer-based data collection and analysis software for self study. Both faculty and STEM peer-mentors are available to support students.

The physical lab environment in the Kokio building has been renovated to incorporate the requirements of an open lab. The physical science open lab will be available at the beginning of the Spring 2007 semester.


Learning Community

A number of STEM courses have been combined with other courses offered at KapCC in Learning Communities (LC). Note - not all LC's are offered in all semesters so please check the KapCC Schedule of Classes or the class availability Website.

STEM Learning Community Courses developed and offered at KapCC in Spring 2006.



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