Physics Olympics


Every Spring semester students enrolled in General Physics courses at Kapi`olani Community College, design, implement and conduct several events for High school students coming from all Hawai`ian islands.

This year, three events were created: Propeller, electromagnets, and force additions.

Propeller: High School students were given pieces of foam from old surf board and asked to shape their own propeller so that they would produce the maximum air flow. Propeller were tested using a home made mechanism using angular velocity whose measurements were made by the Vernier sensor and software.

Electromagnets: High School students were asked to design and construct their own magnets, using several paramaters such as length and diameter in order to lift as many paper clips as possible when connected to a power supply.

Force Addition : High School students were given force tables and various weights at different angles. The purpose of the game was to predict theoretically the result and equilibrant vector forces, and to verify them directly on the force tables.




  • Student shaping her propeller

  • Testing phase 1

  • Testing phase 2

  • Testing Phase 3
    using Vernier Software.

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