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Be part of the Indonesian Randai dance-drama production of the Department of Theatre and Dance! A unique opportunity to study with master teachers from West Sumatra, Indonesia.

The play: A daughter seeks revenge for the murder of her father in this exciting folk dance-drama. Randai comes from the Minangkabau ethic group in Sumatra, Indonesia, and features beautiful traditional music and singing, martial arts, dance and acting; and its signature pants-slapping percussion!

Artistic Staff

Director: Kirstin Pauka, Professor of Theatre
Guest Teachers: Musra Dahrizal and Jasrial Jamaluddin, master artists from West Sumatra, Indonesia

Audition Information

Auditions will be held Thursday and Friday, Sept 22 and 23, 5-8 PM (KT Substage Studio) for a cast of Actors, Singers/Musicians, and Dancers. (Callbacks: TBA)


Rehearsals will begin Oct 3.
General rehearsal schedule during Oct. and Nov.: M/W/F 7-10 for galombang dance; T/Th 7-10 pm acting scenes, with additional afternoon or Saturday or Sunday rehearsals for fighting scenes (exact times TBD). (Some early rehearsal schedule flexibility, but all cast members needed for all rehearsals after Nov. 15).

Performance dates: February 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, and 12>

Audition Preparation Information

NOTE: Scripts will be available for checkout in the Kennedy Theatre main (after August 22) and will also be made available online. Please contact Kirstin Pauka for details.

What to prepare for Auditions: We also need the following: Assistant Director, Stage Manager, and Dramaturge. If you are interested in any of those jobs, let me know.

Kirstin Pauka
Phone 956-2587