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Department of Theatre and Dance
University of Hawai'i at Manoa
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November 1, 2002


The University of Hawai‘i at Manoa’s Department of Theatre and Dance presents "Crave" written by Sarah Kane and directed by Taurie Kinoshita. "Crave" is the Hawaii premiere of playwright Sarah Kane, a key figure in the exciting new wave of British drama, in the Earle Ernst Lab Theatre’s Late Night Theatre and will play October 26 and November 1 and 2 at 11:00pm and October 27 at 8pm in a special "matin-eve" performance.

Called one of the most daring and complex works in contemporary theatre, Krane combines the utterances of four characters to explore the irrationality of emotion. This “quartet of lost voices” - named A.B,C, and M, will consider the themes of love and loss, and how love obliterates the wholeness of the “self.” Who are we if we give ourselves to another person?

Playwright Sarah Kane has been named the “enfant terrible” of the British stage. Her first play “Blasted” was torn apart by the critics for its violent and shocking images (one character has his eyes sucked out.) She finally wrote “Crave” under a pseudonym to escape her own controversy. It was welcomed with smashing critical success. Sarah Kane wrote five viscous, amazing plays before taking her own life in 1999 at the age of 27.

The NY and London productions featured the text of the piece by having the four actors sit still on stage for the entire performance. Kinoshita envisions a more dynamic approach to the play. The four actors will be joined on stage by a chorus of three. Unconventional staging techniques, inspired by Artaud and Grotowski, will create a surreal experience for the audience. Images will leave strong impressions and fuel powerful emotion. Like a David Lynch movie - expect the unexpected.

Kinoshita is no stranger to the Honolulu stage. She is constantly braving the unconventional with her audience interactive productions - like last spring’s “Heresy.” She strives to communicate new ideas and “leave the audience with something they can walk away with.” A Post-Show Rap in which the audience is invited to discuss the play and rehearsal process with the director, playwright, and performers is scheduled to immediately follow the Friday, November 1st performance.

Tickets for "Crave" will go on sale one hour before curtain each night of the production at the door of the Earle Ernst Lab Theatre. Ticket prices are $7 Regular, $6 Discount for students, seniors, military, and UH faculty/staff, and $3 for UHM students with validated Fall 2002 Student ID. Latecomers will not be admitted once the performance has begun. For more information or disability access, call the Kennedy Theatre Box Office at 956-7655 (v/t.)

- 30 -


Saturday October 27 11pm

Sunday October 28 8pm

Friday November 1 11pm*

Saturday November 2 11pm

*Post Show Rap

$7 Regular

$6 Discount for Seniors, Military, Faculty and Staff, and Non-UH Students

$3 UHM students w/ valid Fall 2000 ID

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