'Nozaki Village' kabuki drama is wonderful

Yes! Lei Sadakari as Osome, the feminine lead, delivered a compelling first-night performance in the kabuki play "Nozaki Village," now playing at UH-Manoa.

It's probably a lifetime experience for a Honoluluan because the kabuki is rarely presented here. She has mastered a mesmerizing exclusive kabuki wobble to smite her lover and probably many a male in the audience as well. Her scintillating skill rendered her simply irresistible. Kabuki makeup and kimono transformed her into a magical, living porcelain doll.

Kabuki is like opera in which wild imagination enhances enjoyment, and it was a thoroughly exhilarating and enchanting evening, with a splendid supporting cast. A colorful costume spectacle of events in a feudal society unfolded a simple plot and was replete with chicanery, love, rivalry, duty, filial piety, comedy, tragedy, clappers, costumed musicians, song and dance, including a simultaneous finale on two hanamichi (ramps), one a waterway and the other a road and a revolving kabuki stage, all enveloping part of the audience.

Osome's rival, Omitsu, portrayed by Xing Fan, presented a thought-provoking poignant character.

Lucky we live Honolulu!