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While some may be familiar with the ancient Japanese theatre form nô, few have heard of its lighthearted and often hilarious counterpart, kyôgen. Following public performances at Kennedy Theatre in January and February 2007, the University of Hawai'i Department of Theatre and Dance will tour this vibrant production. Kyôgen - On the Go! will visit the communities of O’ahu and the neighbor islands throughout the Spring, backed by 600 years of tradition and a timeless reputation for making people laugh!

The cast of student actors has been trained and rehearsed by guest kyôgen masters Shigeyama Akira, Shigeyama Doji and Maruishi Yasushi of Japan.  Each program will consist of one play, followed by a kyôgen workshop led by cast members. Kyôgen - On the Go! offers audiences a hands-on glimpse into this living comic art and the culture in which it developed.

Touring Information
Contact us with any questions you may have regarding the 2007 Kyôgen touring program

Julie Iezzi

Funding provided by the UHM Office of the Chancellor and the
University Research Council for Outreach Funding

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