Born in 1952, Akira is the son of kyôgen actor Shigeyama Sennojô II. He learned kyôgen from his father and grandfather, Shigeyama Sensaku III, and made his stage debut at the age four in the play Iroha. In 1976 Akira helped establish the Young Kyôgen Performer’s Group with cousins Shigeyama Masatoshi and Shigeyama Shingo. In 1992 he was awarded Kyoto City Young Artist Award. In 1981 Akira co-founded NOHO Theatre Company together with American director Jonah Salz. For twenty-five years NOHO has been performing Japanese and bilingual experimental productions, incorporating kyôgen and nô techniques, throughout Japan, Europe and the USA.  Akira is the primary teacher for Traditional Theatre Training (TTT), a summer intensive training course in kyôgen. In addition, he has directed opera in Australia, shingeki in Japan, and is active in producing, directing and acting in an array of performance projects in Japan and abroad, in addition to his busy kyôgen performance schedule.

Born in 1950 and a native of Hiroshima, Maruishi was active in theatre groups in college and later began his career as a professional entertainer as a rakugo storyteller. However, a serendipitous encounter at a performance of Shigeyama Sennojô II convinced Maruishi that his true path was to be a kyôgen actor. Maruishi apprenticed to Sennojô in 1974, and made his kyôgen debut the same year. He went on to perform Sambasô (1990), Tsurigitsune (1992), and Hanago (1994) in quick succession. Maruishi has been one of the main actors in NOHO Theatre Company since its inception in 1981. He has been one of the primary teachers in the Traditional Theatre Training in Kyoto, and is a founding member of the Three Laughters Group (Sanshôkai, 1984), three professional apprentices in the Shigeyama family of kyôgen. In addition to his busy daily kyôgen performances, Maruishi produces a range of musical and theatrical performances.
Born in 1983, Doji is the son of Shigeyama Akira. He began learning kyôgen at the age of four from his father and grandfather, and made his stage debut in 1986 in NOHO Theatre Company’s production of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  Later the same year Doji made his kyôgen debut in Iroha, and in 1997 performed the role of Senzai in Sambasô. In 2000 he formed TOPPA together with five of his cousins. This group of six young kyôgen actors is focused on refining the emotional, technical and physical skills of the art, while providing for the education and promotion of the kyôgen tradition.Doji was educated in international schools in Japan and is fluent in both English and his native Japanese. He has taught kyôgen alongside his father at Portland University, starred in the serial television historical drama Kawaraban Chûshingura, as well as written, directed and acted in his own original work.