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I Have Space Issues (So Back Off My Starship)

Mar 6, 12, and 13 at 11pm; Mar 7 at 8pm


Photos not to be used without permission of the Kennedy Theatre Publicity Office.

Click on link for larger image. For prints or higher quality digital versions of the photos, members of the media may contact:

Press Photo 1

(L-R) Rhoda Kealoha Paz Baria (Commander Vanda Pantofel), Tommy Barron (Captain), Jessica Labbe (Lt. Kelly Hamspear), and Kawika Mitchell (Ensign Xavier Tramain)


Press Photo 2

(L-R) Rhoda Kealoha Paz Baria (Commander Vanda Pantofel), Jessica Labbe (Lt. Kelly Hamspear), Tommy Barron (Captain), and Kawika Mitchell (Ensign Xavier Tramain) try to stop the ship from self-destructing

Press Photo 3

(Center, sitting) Lt. Kelly Hamspear (Jessica Labbe) pilots the ship while the rest of the crew stare into space (top from left to right) Commander Vanda Pantofel (Rhoda Kealoha Paz Baria), Captain (Tommy Barron), and Ensign Xavier Tramain (Kawika Mitchell)

Press Photo 4