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Alternate Format

Alternate Format Policy and Procedures

  1. Eligibility for this service is determined by the student’s respective KOKUA Counselor upon review of professional disability documentation provided by the student & the student interview.
  1. Students must request alternate format services each semester, as needed.  Students initiate this process by submitting an “Alternate Format Request” form to KOKUA indicating the course materials and requested format needed (one form per course).
  1. Students are asked to submit the “Alternate Format Request” form no later than the 1st week of instruction.  When at all possible, requests should be submitted well in advance of the semester’s start in order to receive media in a timely manner.  When learning about additional course material, please submit additional “Alternate Format Request” forms.  Please note that production time will be affected by late requests. 
  1. Students are also asked to submit a copy of their course syllabi to KOKUA within the 1st week of instruction.  Inform KOKUA immediately of syllabi changes that will affect your alternate format request.  Also, if students drop a class and/or no longer need material that they have requested, they will inform KOKUA immediately.
  1. Once a request is made, preference will be given to the format specified by the student.  However, KOKUA professional staff reserve the right to recommend specific media format in certain situations.  Instructional material will be provided in a single alternate format.
  1. In compliance with federal copyright laws, student: (1) must own a physical copy of the course material and be able to provide a copy of the receipt; and (2) must agree that the use of alternate format materials provided by KOKUA is solely for his/her own educational purposes, and will not be duplicated/copied for use by others.
  1. For requests requiring KOKUA’s in-house production, books will be cut at the spine to allow for high-speed scanning and when possible books will be re-bound.
  1. KOKUA will make every effort to complete the request in a timely manner and will maintain email communication with you about alternate format status.
  1. Students must return all RFB&D materials and materials borrowed from other institutions to KOKUA at the end of the semester.
Questions about alternate media should be addressed directly to KOKUA professional staff, phone 956-7511 or 956-7612, or e-mail kokua@hawaii.edu.

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