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MP3 Audio version of Notetaking Policy

Notetaking Procedures and Policies

  1. Eligibility for this service is determined by the KOKUA Program's Director upon review of the professional disability documentation provided by the student and student interview.
  2. Students must request notetaking each semester and specify need by course.
  3. Students requesting notetaking are responsible for providing paper. Students must bring to KOKUA, (1) ream of folder paper and (1) ream of copy paper before the start of classes or as soon as notetaking services have been requested and approved.
  4. Students must come to KOKUA to have their picture taken or provide a photo ID to be copied. Photos will be shown to the notetakers so that they may identify the student in class.
  5. Students must be present in class in order to receive notes. If students are absent for two consecutive class periods and do not notify KOKUA professional staff, notetaking will be suspended until the student speaks with his/her KOKUA counselor to reinstate notetaking. Exceptions will be made for disability-related absences on a case-by-case basis.
  6. If students are late to class, leave early from class, and/or sleep during class, notetakers will provide notes only for the time in which the students are physically present and alert.
  7. Retrieval of notes will be arranged on a case-by-case basis. If students pick up their notes at KOKUA, notetakers will drop off notes before the next time the class meets. Notes must be picked up minimally once a week. Failure to pick up notes on a timely basis will result in the suspension of notetaking services as KOKUA will determine that notes are no longer needed.
  8. If a professor provides power point slides, WebCT notes, handouts, lecture outlines etc., students are to notify KOKUA professional staff immediately to discuss whether notetaking services are still needed and/or if material can be provided to the notetaker to allow for more complete notes.
  9. Students must notify KOKUA immediately of any change in their schedule that affects notetaking (e.g. adding or dropping courses, professor changes, room changes, etc.)
  10. After the first week of classes, students should check with KOKUA professional staff on the status of their notetaking. Updates will be provided via email as notetakers are secured.
  11. Notetaking requests after the semester has started will be honored provided that the students making the request understand that notetaking may not commence immediately but as soon as appropriate notetakers can be found and hired.
  12. KOKUA notes are not to be copied or used by anyone other than the KOKUA student. Misuse of this material may result in termination of notetaking services.
  13. Student questions and/or feedback regarding notetaking should be addressed directly to KOKUA professional staff, phone (voice/text) 956-7511 or 956-7612, or e-mail kokua@hawaii.edu.

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