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Sign Language Interpreting & Captioning
Procedures and Policies

  1. Eligibility for this service is determined by the student’s respective KOKUA Counselor upon review of the professional disability documentation provided by the student and student interview.
  2. Students must request interpreting/captioning each semester and specify need by course. When at all possible students are asked to submit these requests at least 2 months prior to the start of the semester or as soon as the need for captioning/interpreting is known.
  3. Interpreting services cover the students’ classes and class-related meetings.
  4. Students’ preferred Interpreter(s)/Captioner(s) will be considered. KOKUA professional staff reserve the right to recommend different options and/or Contractors.
  5. Students are responsible for informing KOKUA in advance if they do not plan to be in class on a given day. KOKUA will then communicate the cancellation to your Contractor. If students are absent and they did not notify KOKUA in advance, interpreting/captioning will be suspended until the student meets with his/her KOKUA counselor.
  6. Students must notify KOKUA immediately of any change in their schedule that affects interpreting/captioning (e.g. adding or dropping courses, professor changes, room changes, additional class meetings, etc.)
  7. Prior to the first week of classes, students should check-in with their KOKUA Counselor about the status of their interpreting/captioning.
  8. Late interpreting/captioning requests (less than 2 weeks prior to the need date) will be honored provided that the students making the request understand that interpreting/captioning may not commence immediately but as soon as an appropriate Interpreter/Captioner can be located and contracted.
  9. Please refrain from any interpersonal conversations with your Interpreter/Captioner during class time. Reserve these conversations for before and after class.
  10. KOKUA will notify your respective Professors about the presence and role of your Contractor.
  11. In the event your Interpreter/Captioner does not show up for an assignment, please contact your KOKUA Counselor immediately.
  12. If you are dissatisfied with or have concerns about the services you are receiving from an Interpreter/Contractor, please inform your KOKUA Counselor. If necessary, an alternate provider will be requested.
  13. Student questions and/or feedback regarding interpreting/captioning should be addressed directly to your respective KOKUA Counselor.

KOKUA Program, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Revised July 2009