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Disability Parking and Transportation

Disability Parking:

Parking on the UH M??noa campus is limited, however accessible parking is available throughout the campus. All persons, able-bodied and disabled, must purchase parking.

Students who possess a City & County of Honolulu disability placard are eligible for on-campus parking in stalls designated as disability parking. Stalls marked as "reserved" are for Campus Administrators only and are reserved 24 hours a day.

To obtain parking with a City & County of Honolulu placard, a student must take the following documents to the Parking Office (QLCSS Room 014):

  • Validated UH Student ID
  • Vehicle registration
  • Valid driver's license
  • Current City and County of Honolulu disability placard

Students with support (for parking costs) from sponsoring agencies (e.g. Vocational Rehabilitation, Veteran's Administration, etc.) should arrange for purchase orders to be faxed to the UH Manoa parking office (Fax #: 956-9811).

In some instances KOKUA is able to submit requests to the Parking office on behalf of students who do not possess a valid City & County placard but who have disability-related need for parking. These requests take time to process and should be submitted via your KOKUA Counselor prior to the start of the semester for which parking is needed. Please speak to your KOKUA Counselor for more information.

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