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Sign Language Interpreting
and Captioning

The KOKUA Program arranges for qualified American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters and Captioners for students who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing that are registered with KOKUA. This service is also available for campus events and for faculty and staff.

Unfortunately we are not available to assist with Interpreting &/or Captioning requests that are not related to the University of Hawaii at Manoa. For assistance with appropriate Interpreting &/or Captioning services for non-UH Manoa events, please contact Hawaii Interpreting Services (http://interpretinghawaii.com/).

Request Process for UH Events

  1. Please submit a request to KOKUA by telephone at (808) 956-7612 or by email at kokua@hawaii.edu at least 2 weeks prior to an event.

  2. Please include in your request:
    • Day and date of event;
    • Start and end time;
    • Location (Building and room #);
    • # of Interpreters/Captioners needed;
    • Name, phone #, and email of contact person;
    • Billing contact information;
    • Any other pertinent information (e.g. preferred Vendor, dress code, etc. )

  3. KOKUA will confirm that this request has been received.

  4. When an Interpreter(s)/Captioner(s) confirms their availability for your event, KOKUA will so notify the event contact person. If however none can be located, KOKUA will transmit this information to the event contact person.

  5. If there are any changes made to the submitted request, please contact KOKUA immediately.

We regret that late requests for interpreting &/or captioning may not be possible to fill.

For more detailed information about Sign Language Interpreting &/or Captioning on the Manoa campus, please call KOKUA Counselor Vanessa Ito at (808) 956-7612.

Request Process for KOKUA Students

All current KOKUA students are required to meet with their KOKUA Counselor prior to start of each semester/summer session to discuss their disability access services. At that time, you must provide your KOKUA Counselor with detailed information about your Interpreting &/or Captioning need and you must review and agree to sign a copy of KOKUAs Interpreting & Captioning Procedures and Policies.

Students should also refer to KOKUAs Interpreting & Captioning Procedures and Policies.

Information for Vendors

Confirmation of Assignments

KOKUA students are asked to communicate their need for interpreting/captioning to their KOKUA Counselor well in advance of the semesters start. When this request has been submitted to KOKUA, KOKUA staff will then begin working to secure a Vendor for the dates needed. Student preference for Interpreters/Captioners will be considered by KOKUA. In some instances, KOKUA will utilize the assistance of Hawaii Interpreting Services.

As a state agency, KOKUA follows the guidelines promulgated by Hawaii Administrative Rules, Title 11, Chapter 218.

For all assignments arranged by KOKUA, Vendors will be asked to:

  • complete a WH-1 form;
  • provide a copy of their certification or credentials;
  • provide a written fee for services quotation.

KOKUA will then email confirmation paperwork to the Vendor which will include:

  • the name of the student;
  • the date, time, & location of the assignment(s);
  • approved fee/rate;
  • payment information;
  • brief description of the assignment;
  • Course syllabus (when available).


Contractors are asked to submit invoices at least once a month for ongoing assignments. On your invoice, please include the: client name, dates, times and course.

Payment will only be made for those dates authorized by KOKUA staff.

Cancellation Policies

When a Vendor is unable to make an assignment, we kindly ask that KOKUA be contacted as soon as possible at (808) 956-7612 so a replacement can be arranged.

When a Student is unable to attend, Vendors will be paid according to HAR, Title 11, Chapter 218, Appendix A-2.