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Buddhist Dance


The following are Buddhist dances that have been performed at various times (descriptions are based on information in programs from performances by the Halla Huhm Dance Studio).

Para ch'um (Cymbal Dance) picture 2Para ch'um (Cymbal Dance) picture 1

Para ch'um (Cymbal Dance)
This is the most difficult and taxing of the Buddhist ritual dances because the dancer must manipulate two large cymbals. The sound of the cymbals is said to drive away worldly desires as the dance is executed.


Nabi Ch'um (Butterfly Dance) picture




Nabi Ch'um (Butterfly Dance)
Accompanied by chanting, the dancer wears a robe with broad sleeves representing the wings of a butterfly.









Kwangsoe (Small Gong)
The small gong is used in a ceremony which asks for forgiveness for various sins. This dance was choreographed by Halla Huhm in the style of traditional Buddhist dances.



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