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The Halla Pai Huhm Studio

Studio photoA history of the Halla Huhm dance studio is the history of Halla Pai Huhm herself. Officially opened in 1950, the Halla Pai Huhm Studio is the only continuous source of Korean dance and music in Hawaii. Students have included both Koreans and non-Koreans, the young and senior citizens.

Halla Huhm was assisted at the studio by several Koreans and invited important visiting instructors from Korea to teach her students. Instructors have included: Chung-won Kim Meyer, daughter of internationally recognized performer Kim Ch'un-heung, and Joo Yeon-hee, a graduate of the music program of Seoul National University and the dance program of Ewha Women's University. On several occasions two of her mentors, Kim Ch'un-heung and Lee Ji-san, taught at the Studio.

In 1973 Mary Jo Freshley (Myung Sa Pai), a former physical education instructor at Hawaii's Kamehameha Schools, began assisting at the Studio. Ms. Freshley coordinated the studio's business affairs and for many years was the Studio's major teaching assistant. She received the highest ranking teaching certificate in the Pai tradition from Halla Huhm. With the 1994 death of Halla Huhm, Ms. Freshley became the director and the main teacher at the Studio. From 1994 to 2001, Ms. Freshley was assisted by Ji-a (Mi-ok) Kim. In April 2001, Ms. Freshley announced her retirement, but due to the health problems of her successor, she has remained as acting director of the studio.

The Studio is committed to maintaining the tradition of Korean music and dance performance established by Halla Huhm and to supporting a broad array of Korean dance and music activities. Interested individuals should contact:

Mary Jo Freshley, Acting Director
1070 North King Street, #202
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
Telephone (808) 949-2888