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The sound of the heart. The sound of truth. The sound of silence.
(calligraphy by Halla Pai Huhm) 


In 1994 the Halla Huhm Foundation was founded as a not-for-profit organization to promote the study of Korean art and dance in Hawaii. Toward that end, the Foundation has assisted the Halla Pai Huhm dance studio in purchasing costumes for studio performances and in providing for performances and workshops in Hawaii by Korean artists such as Kim Ch'un-heung, Kim Myo Seon, and Samulnori.

The Foundation is a tax-exempt 501-C-3 organization established through a generous donation from Young Mi Han, the niece of Halla Huhm.

The Foundation has helped encourage the dissemination of Korean dance in Hawaii by contributing to an award made by the University of Hawaii's dance program. The award is presented to a student in recognition of contributions to the University campus through performances of Korean dance.

Monetary donations to the Foundation are welcome, and individuals interested in actively participating in Foundation activities are welcome to contact the Foundation or any of its officers.

The officers and board members of the Foundation as of June 2009 are: Mary Jo Freshley (President), Hyung Kwon Cha (Vice-President), Hye-ryeon Lee (Treasurer), Judy Van Zile (Secretary), Jung Sook Barboo, Woon-ik Chung, Kathleen Kim, and Wilma Sur. 


1502-B South King Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96826
tel/fax (808) 949-2888
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