1881 East-West Road + Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822

Center for Korean Studies Library

The Center for Korean Studies maintains a small, informal library and reading room for the convenience of faculty, students, and visitors. The library supplements the Korean resources in the Asia Collection of Hamilton Library and, with the exception of its archives and manuscripts collections, generally does not hold material not also available in the much larger main library.

The library is located on the second floor of the Center for Korean Studies building at 1881 East-West Road on the University of Hawai‘i Mānoa campus. It is generally open for use during normal working hours, but assistance in using its holdings may vary depending on the availabilty of the student assistants who maintain the collection.

Much of the library's collection is stored on closed shelves and will be retrieved by library assistants on request. The library's holdings do not circulate. The library's on-line catalog can be searched here: Search CKS On-line Catalog.


Special Collections

The Center holds several collections of books and papers presented as gifts by individuals active in Korean studies. Among these are the libraries of University of Washington professor of Korean literature Doo Soo Suh; Smithsonian Institution anthropologist Eugene I. Knez; teacher and art historian Evelyn Becker McCune; U.S. government official Robert A. Kinney; dance and music performer and teacher Ch'ŏn-hŭng Kim; Center associate member Karl Moskowitz; and retired UH faculty members Hugh H.W. Kang, Yong-ho Ch'oe, Judy Van Zile, and Edward J. Shultz, and Alice Yun Chai.

The Center holds the most extensive collection of material on Korean dance outside of repositories in Korea itself. This collection includes the Halla Huhm Dance Collection, the personal library of Ch'ŏn-hŭng Kim, and the Judy Van Zile Korean Dance Collection. Other important holdings include the records of the Hawaii Tongjihoe and the papers of George S. McCune, George M. McCune, Shannon McCune, and Arthur L. Becker. For more information about the Center's special collections, see http://ckslib.manoa.hawaii.edu.

Some items from the Center's collections have been digitized and can be found on line at http://cksdigital.manoa.hawaii.edu/photo. The Center also participates in the University of Hawai'i library's ScholarSpace digital repository.

Since 2014, the Center has participated in the Korea Foundation Global Challengers Program, which provides young Koreans opportunities to gain work experience at leading research-policy institutes, museums, libraries, and universities. Korea Foundation interns work in both the Center's archives and manuscripts collection and in the University's Thomas H. Hamilton Library.


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