Fall 2012 Korean Film Series

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October 2

My Wedding Campaign (나의결혼원정기)

Still from My Wedding Campaign2005. Dir. Hwang Byeong-gug

A thirty-eight-year-old single man, Hong Man-taek, is a petty farmer still living with his mother and grandfather, too naive to even catch a girl's eye. Man-taek's best friend, Hee-chul, always brags about his various sexual escapades with women, but actually he is also a pathetic single man. Seeing a neighbor married to a bride from Uzbekistan and afraid that his grandson will never get married, Man-taek's grandfather decides to send Man-taek to Uzbekistan to find a bride. Man-taek does not approve of the idea of buying a bride, but, persuaded by Hee-chul, he decides to give it a chance.

123 minutes


October 16

Festival (축제)

1996. Dir. Im Kwon-taekStill from Festival

A famous writer, Lee Jun-seop, returns to his hometown to attend his mother's funeral. Jun-seop's illegitimate niece, who has been ostracized from the family, has also returned home for the funeral. While the funeral ceremonies take place, various old family conflicts reemerge. During the action of the story, a parallel children's story written by Lee is read by the illegitimate niece. The story describes a grandmother who gives her life force to her growing granddaughter, resulting in the grandmother's becoming gradually younger until she reverts into infancy and finally leaves for the next world.

102 minutes



October 30

Family Ties (가족의탄생)

2007. Dir. Kim Tae-yongStill from Family Ties

Mi-ra, who runs a small snack-food restaurant, has a trouble-maker brother, Hyung-chul. After being discharged from the military, he goes missing. After five years, Hyung-chul suddenly comes home accompanied by a middle-aged woman, Mu-sin. He gives a bunch of flowers to Mi-ra and introduces Mu-sin as his wife, even though they have not had a wedding ceremony. Mu-sin looks at least twenty years older than Hyung-chul. From that moment, an eccentric family is born.

113 minutes



November 3

We Are Not Defeated (우리들은 정의파다)

Still from We Are Not Defeated2006. Dir. Lee Hye-ran

First-person narratives and testimonies highlight this documentary of the struggle of young Korean women workers in the 1970s to win equitable treatment at the Dong-il Textile Company, where they were paid half the wages of male workers while enduring long working hours, personal humiliation, violence, and sexual harassment. Their creation of a female laborer's union was met by company and company-union collusion, organized violence, and blackmail, ending with their firing. While this documentary traces these laid-off workers' reflections on their past experience, it also portrays the ongoing struggle of these women for the past thirty years to get their jobs back.

105 minutes



November 27

Family Project: House of a Father (가족 프로젝트: 아버지의집)

Still from Family Project2002. Dir. Jo Yun Kyung

In this portrait of a "typical" Korean family in crisis, a father fixated on his role as the head of the household and a mother regretting a life of self-sacrifice are confronted by their grown children. The director offers a personal examination of a Korean middle-class family in transition. The director's relentless and painful exploration of her family pushes audience members to reflect on their experience of family life as well as to engage in larger questions of the meaning of family in Korean society.

52 minutes

Making Sun-dried Red Peppers (고추 말리기)

Still from Making Sun-dried Red Peppers1999. Dir. Chang Hee-sun

In a household of three generations of women, the grandmother has toiled for seventy years. Married at nineteen, she never even learned how to put on a make-up. Her only gripe now is that her daughter-in-law ignores the never-ending chores, preferring to stay out rather than be in the kitchen. She has always had a dream, however, a dream of writing poetry. Mother is a free spirit who loves traveling and bossing people around. However, she cannot help but worry about her daughter Hee-sun's weight problem. Her sole wish in life is for Hee-sun to slim down and get herself a good man. Hee-sun is a ready-to-be filmmaker, currently unemployed and extremely annoyed by her mother's constant nagging. However, she is not oblivious to her current dilemma when she turns down a friend's invitation by feigning too much work. When the time comes to make sun-dried red peppers, the three disgruntled women sit down to clash as they perform the ritual of drying the peppers.

54 minutes


Some Details

Film screenings take place on alternate Tuesdays beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Center for Korean Studies auditorium at 1881 East-West Road on the University of Hawai‘i Mānoa campus. All films are shown with English subtitles. This series is free and open to all University of Hawai‘i students, faculty, and staff and to the community at large.

Paid parking is available in a lot adjacent to the Center. For further information about the film series, contact the Center for Korean Studies at (808) 956-7041 or Professor Young-a Park (yapark@hawaii.edu) at (808) 956-9125