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The KualiFinancial website is no longer available as of March 4, 2015.

Please visit our new Financial Systems website at http://www.fmo.hawaii.edu/financial_systems/index.html: Financial Systems

Looking for a specific form? Please use the links below by office:

Disbursing Office (new name: Payment/Reimbursement) Forms: http://www.fmo.hawaii.edu/payment_reimb/index.html#tab11 Payment/Reimbursement Forms
Contact Disbursing Office at (808) 956-8575

General Accounting Forms: http://www.fmo.hawaii.edu/general_accounting/index.html#tab5 General Accounting Forms
Contact General Accounting at (808) 956-8278

PFMO (new name: Capital Assets) Forms: http://www.fmo.hawaii.edu/capital_assets/index.html#tab5 Capital Assets Forms
Contact PFMO at (808) 956-8735

Treasury (new name: Cash Handling and Deposits) Forms: http://www.fmo.hawaii.edu/cash_handling/index.html#tab9 Cash Handling and Deposits Forms
Contact Treasury at (808) 956-8527