Fiscal Services

Plans, coordinates, and controls the financial accounting and reporting activities for The University of Hawaii (UH) System.

Plans and directs the analysis, design, development, implementation, and revision of the University's Systemwide accounting and reporting system.

Represents the University in Statewide accounting and reporting projects.

Organizes and coordinates the fiscal year end closing for the University between FMO and ITS.

Writes or directs the writing and issuance of the UH Administrative Procedures setting forth Systemwide accounting policies and procedures related to the Systemwide Financial Accounting System.

Oversees University compliance with laws, rules, and administrative procedures pertaining to the Kuali Financial System (KFS) and eThority. Responsible for maintenance of the system configuration for KFS and eThority.

Plans and implements the identification and documentation of needs for new financial system applications.

Responsible for ensuring the successful replacement of the University's current systems with on-line systems to meet all identified requirements.