Back then,
all was liberty and everything was
Our green Septembers dared to struggle,
measured now
and far away.

rich, poor,
shouldn't we all be happy as kings,
our hearts open?
For those who've loved was there ever doubt?

Help them now and always.
We've seen so much and gone so far.
A real education.
Little things.
A fish stirs under the water.

We . . . must . . . stop . . .

Still, it would be kind of nice
to wonder, create friendships now
as from where we came:
Happy days, the same language.
Somewhere a person,
someone to share the delicate moon.

A million miles away from the past.
A new establishment.
But you know it's not forever,
this madness, carefully kept.

So all power to a bright future,
short and precious.

Above all things, I still can't think of anything
except that we surely seem to be free now,
and, yes,
we've carried on to new experiences.