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Committees and Groups

       Five-year Committee Service Roster (PDF).

Library Senate Executive Board

NamePhoneEmailTerm Ends
Eleanor KLEIBER, Chair956-2847ekleiber@hawaii.edu2017-08-31
Carolyn DENNISON, Vice-Chair956-2541 cdenniso@hawaii.edu2017-08-31
Jodie MATTOS, Secretary956-2851jodie@hawaii.edu2017-06-30
Kapena SHIM (Elections) 2018-04-30
David FLYNN (MFS)956-2621david.flynn@hawaii.edu2017-06-30
Dore MINATODANI (MFS)956-2852dorem@hawaii.edu2017-06-30
Michael CHOPEY (UHPA)956-2753chopey@hawaii.edu2016-05-31

The Executive Board consists of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Chairpersons of each standing committee, and two of the Library's representatives to the Mānoa Faculty Senate. In addition, the Chairperson may appoint one UHPA library...