LIS Colloquium

The LIS Colloquium is a weekly series sponsored by the UHM Library & Information Science Program’s Research Committee to spotlight various research projects and efforts at UH Manoa. This is a great opportunity for those interested in learning about the various types of research conducted in the LIS field and their methodologies. A schedule of upcoming events is available online.

Each session occurs on Wednesdays from 4:00 P.M. to 4:50 P.M. in room 003G in the LIS space, located on the ground floor of Hamilton Library.

Feb. 10: LIS student Amy Trimble will be giving a talk about her thesis “Exploring Personal Connections in a Digital Reading Environment.”

Amy will share her experience of choosing to do a thesis: what fuels the desire (the benefits and importance of research for a future in academic librarianship), how she came up with a topic, skills gained, and how the decision affects the rest of her LIS experience. She will also share an overview of her project entitled, “Exploring Personal Connections in a Digital Reading Environment,” which explores how individuals use and identify with various types of reading.

The act of reading happens across various formats (book, e-book, hypertext, pdf, etc.). Do people connect to digital reading sources similar to what is experienced with their physical counterparts? A new LIS research project explores how individuals use and identify with various types of reading sources. Data is being collected from the UH Manoa community.

The LIS Colloquium is designed to support the goals of the LIS research committee: to promote research, the thesis option, independent studies & connection between professional LIS practice & research. It is also a way to exchange ideas, opportunities, and happenings as they relate to research in LIS.

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Contact: Dr. Luz Quiroga, Chair LIS Research Committee, lquiroga [at] hawaii [dot] edu