Caroline Lee Receives 2017 HASL Scholarship

Caroline Sue Lee will receive a $500 scholarship from the Hawaii Association of School Librarians (HASL) to help with her graduate school expenses. The official announcement and presentation will be made at the HASL Spring Conference on Saturday, April 8.

Caroline holds a post-Baccalaureate in Secondary Education and a BA degree in Political Science. Currently, she teaches sophomore World History at Mililani High School, and devotes countless hours outside the classroom coordinating a wide range of school activities. She believes this will help her as she works towards her library degree, with an emphasis in school media.

In her scholarship application, Caroline stated:

The accumulation of my insights as an educator as a whole has tremendously helped me shape my understanding of the importance of relationships with my students, colleagues, parents, administrators and the community. With my degree I plan to be a librarian who advocates for creative curriculum programs and school wide strategies by emphasizing student achievement through measurable assessments and lessons. As a teacher librarian I will take on leadership roles to support the students and staff who I will be serving and working with.