Dr. Rich Gazan quoted in the Maui News

Stop the presses – our own Program Chair, Dr. Rich Gazan, was recently interviewed by the Maui News for library-related insight on the revitalization of print media and the importance of brick-and-mortar bookstores:

Rich Gazan, professor and chair of University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Library and Information Science program, said people need to take breaks from the internet, and that’s helping the resurgence of print media.

“I think people who realize they need ‘digital detox’ time are a big part of the reason print book sales have risen recently while e-Book sales have fallen,” he said via email Saturday.

“Print is peaceful and tangible. You don’t need to log in. It has no pop-ups, notifications or crashes. You feel and hear the crispness of a turning page. Of course there’s room for content to be delivered on all kinds of devices, but the intimacy of print will always be with us, as it has for thousands of years.”

Well said, Dr. Gazan!

For the full article, please visit Maui News.