Cheri Ebisu named LIS Program Coordinator

We are very happy to announce that LIS alumna Cheri Ebisu will begin as LIS Program Coordinator May 1, 2019, and in lieu of a formal press conference :), she was kind enough to respond to a few questions:

How did you discover the LIS Program initially?
I am sure Google was involved initially, but Christian was probably my real introduction to the program. I scheduled a meeting with him and we talked about classes and tracks and puppets.
What made you want to apply for the Program Coordinator position?
I applied for this position because I wanted to help ease the transition after Christian’s departure and because I think I can provide a new perspective and new ideas to increase student enrollment and job recruitment. The LIS program is a very special program and if I can stick around it for as long as I can, I will.
What do you actually do in this position — and what would you like to do?
So far the job is 50% herding cats and 50% documentation. Some of what I would like to do is upping the program’s PR game, helping students get more practical experience throughout their time in the program, and just making sure we all survive day-to-day.
Any advice for new and continuing students?
Ask questions. Get feedback. Communicate with your classmates, faculty, and me. You’re not alone and two people solving a problem is often better than one.
Tell us something about yourself not many people know.
Despite my well-known fear of large rabbits, one of my top three favorite books is Watership Down by Richard Adams.
The office decor. Why?
Christian and I both talked a lot about transitioning former classmate and faculty perceptions of me as a very recent former student. He told me to make the desk space my own, but now that I’m settled I think a more unifying design to reflect the program itself would help. I also have grand designs for the office, commons, and Diner, so, in the end, Christian has really created a monster. But one with good intentions.

Welcome and congratulations Cheri!