2015 Program Presentation Appendices

Appendix Title Format
Appendix 1-1 Achieving Our Destiny: UH Mānoa Strategic Plan, 2011-2015 pdf
Appendix 1-2 College of Natural Sciences External Review Report pdf
Appendix 1-3 LIS Strategic Plan, 2015-2020 pdf
Appendix 1-4 ALA Core Competencies Mapped to SLOs pdf
Appendix 2-1 LIS Courses Offered, 2009-2015 xlsx
Appendix 2-2 Student Service Record xlsx
Appendix 2-3 Curriculum Map to SLOs doc
Appendix 2-4 2009-2014 Graduating Student Survey Results Summary xlsx
Appendix 2-5 2013 Alumni Survey Results Summary xlsx
Appendix 2-6 Student Impressions of Core Curriculum docx
Appendix 2-7 LIS Conversation: Strengthening Ties to Hawaiʻi and the Pacific docx
Appendix 2-8 Oral Exam Scenarios pdf
Appendix 2-9 Oral Exam Rating Form pdf
Appendix 2-10 UH Exemplary Graduate Program Assessment Practices pdf
Appendix 2-11 LIS 699 Directed Reading and/or Research Projects docx
Appendix 2-12 LIS Theses docx
Appendix 2-13 New Student Orientation agenda docx
Appendix 2-14 List of Public Talks docx
Appendix 2-15 Student Advising Packet (tracking ongoing progress) pdf
Appendix 2-16 Student Advising Sheet (courses for upcoming semester) docx
Appendix 2-17 Practicum Report docx
Appendix 2-18 Course Evaluations xlsx
Appendix 2-19 Summary of Course Decisions docx
Appendix 2-20 Course Evaluation Form (paper) pdf
Appendix 2-21 Course Evaluation Form (electronic) pdf
Appendix 3-1 Full-time Faculty CVs
Appendix 3-2 Adjunct Faculty Degrees and Positions docx
Appendix 3-3 Adjunct Faculty CVs
Appendix 3-4 2013 Assistant Professor Position Description docx
Appendix 3-5 2014 Assistant Professor Position Description doc
Appendix 3-6 UH Applicant Data Manual pdf
Appendix 3-7 UH Nondiscrimination Policy pdf
Appendix 3-8 UH Recruitment, Selection and Appointments Policy pdf
Appendix 3-9 Courses Taught by Full-time Faculty, 2009-2015 xlsx
Appendix 3-10 Courses Taught by Adjunct Faculty, 2009-2015 docx
Appendix 4-1 Applicant Recommendation Form pdf
Appendix 4-2 Applicant Information Form pdf
Appendix 4-3 Record of Courses Taken docx
Appendix 4-4 Record of Student Service, Leadership and Scholarship docx
Appendix 4-5 2013 Employer Survey Summary pdf
Appendix 4-6 List of Graduates docx
Appendix 5-1 UH System Organization Chart pdf
Appendix 5-2 UH Mānoa Organization Chart pdf
Appendix 5-3 College of Natural Sciences Organization Chart pdf
Appendix 5-4 Department of Information and Computer Sciences Organization Chart pdf
Appendix 5-5 APT Employee Performance Evaluation Form pdf
Appendix 6-1 LIS Floor Plan pdf
Appendix 6-2 Hamilton Library Building Area and Measurements docx

These appendices are also available for download as a ZIP archive file.

Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, extract the contents of the archive to your computer. Windows and Macintosh computers with recent versions of those operating systems have built-in tools to perform this extraction process, but if you have trouble extracting the ZIP archive contents, please contact the LIS Program Coordinator (LISstaff@hawaii.edu).

The individual files within the archive are a combination of Microsoft Excel, Word, or Adobe Acrobat documents and you must have the appropriate applications installed in order to open and view them.