Curriculum Committee

  • Rich Gazan, co-chair
  • Péter Jacsó, co-chair
  • Michael-Brian Ogawa, student rep
  • Matt Brown, student rep
  • Shavonn Matsuda, student rep
  • Kapena Shim, student rep

Committee’s responsibilities:

Responsibilities of the Committee as a whole:

  • Accomplish tasks assigned to the LIS Curriculum Committee in the current LIS Program Strategic Plan.
  • Provide recommendations to the LIS faculty for new courses as well as well as deletions and modifications to the curriculum.
  • Review and update documents and forms relating to the LIS curriculum as requested by the LIS faculty and chair.
  • Invite student participation in curriculum-related issues and topics.

Responsibilities of students on the Committee:

  • Serve as a communication link between the LIS student body and the Committee.
  • Gather information about students’ concerns regarding the curriculum and introduce these concerns to the Committee.
  • Work with the faculty members on the Committee to accomplish tasks. This might include reviewing materials and providing feedback.