Student Affairs Committee

Rebecca Knuth, chair

Committee’s responsibilities:
The chair of this committee coordinates the awarding of various scholarships to students, and liases with the different LIS student organizations and student chapters of professional organizations as well as with the LIS Alumni Group. The chair also works
closely with the LIS program chair on student-related concerns. In addition, the chair works with student members of the committee on policies and procedures that affect the student community. More detailed information on these different duties is outlined below.

Scholarships and Awards

  • Administer UH funded scholarships and awards
  • Track/monitor community funded scholarships and awards
  • Maintain a record of both UH and community funded scholarships and awards for ALISE statistical reports
  • Publicize the winners on our web site


  • Liase with the LIS Alumni Group
  • Liase with LIS student chapters

Student-related concerns

  • Take the lead in handling concerns raised by students regarding the program

Student-related policies

  • Take the lead in revisions and updates to policies/procedures that affect LIS students
  • Publicize the changes on our website