Schedule of Classes for Summer 2009 (Updated 1/9/09)

Summer courses must be self-supporting. Therefore, courses must have a minimum of 12-14 students as REGISTERED and PAID participants to offer the course. Please contact your adviser, then check with the LIS office for course information. This will help us to estimate the number of students who will be taking the courses and give a warning if a course must be canceled.

» Students taking a 3-week course can only sign up for one at a time.

» Students may not simultaneously take a six-week class and a three-week class during the same time period.

» Students must register for the LIS 690 Internship during the second six-week period; however, this does not count as a regular six-week class in terms of the above rule. Students can work with Internship supervisors to schedule their 150 hours at any point in the summer. In order to ensure sufficient hours, students taking LIS 690 may only sign up a maximum of 12 summer credits in summer including LIS 690. There will be a required LIS 690 orientation in May, and mandatory student presentations in August.

» There are two HITS courses that run for six weeks, MWF, 5:00-7:15pm.

Times May 25 - June 12 June 15 - July 3 July 6 - July 24 July 27 - August 14
LIS 690: Internship / Asato
IMPORTANT: Internships will actually begin on May 25 and run through August 14. However, OC requires that you register for it during the second session.

9:00 to 11:40 am   LIS 688
Pacific Island Resources

Peacock/Dawrs/ HL 113
1:00 to 3:40 pm LIS 693
Indigenous Librarianship

Bilger 318B
LIS 650
Management of Libraries & Info Centers

Geary/ Bilger 318B
  LIS 605
Cataloging & Classification

Horie/ Bilger 318B
5:00 to 7:40 pm       * LIS 674
Database Design & Creation

Bilger 318B
5:00 to 7:15 pm [HITS] M/W/F
* LIS 670: Intro to Info Science & Technology
Bair Mundy/ Kuy
LIS 682: Books & Media for Young Adults
Kamiya/ Kuy
* MLISc degree required technology option

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