Course Load

The LIS Program advises students:

  • Take no more than 9 credits per semester as a full time student. Students wanting to take more than 12 credits need to complete this form (PDF, Word Doc) to appeal the LIS Program limit.
  • Take even fewer credits if you are working or have other obligations.
  • Limit yourself to one LIS course at a time during a three-week summer session or two classes in a 6-week session.

The first two are general guidelines: you can take more or fewer classes in a regular semester as you determine your capabilities. However, students are not allowed to take more than one three-week summer course at a time, due to the intense nature of the compressed time period. You can take two 6-week summer courses concurrently. When figuring out how many courses to enroll in, take into account that each 3-credit class is supposed to account for 9 hours of homework each week.

A full-time course load is 8 credits (including two or more graduate courses) and students may take no more than 15 credits a semester unless they obtain special approval from the dean of the Graduate Division. You must be at least a half-time (4 credit) student to be eligible for financial aid.