Course Selection

Required Courses

There are 6 required courses (18 credits) in the LIS Program:

In addition, there is a technology requirement of a choice of two courses (6 credits) from the following:

Students in the School Library Media Specialist track have additional requirements as well.

Elective Courses

Beyond the required courses and technology requirements, students can choose 5 more electives from the course offerings for a total of 13 courses (39 credits). Students can work with their advisors to pick courses that match their personal interests, professional goals and the LIS core competencies. We encourage students to pick courses that will form a well-rounded LIS education, rather than to narrow their focus too quickly.

Keep in mind also that not all courses are offered every semester: some are even offered only every two or three years. Look at the Tentative Four-year Schedule of Classes for a ballpark idea of what is going to be offered, and talk with your Faculty Advisor about the scheduling for these infrequent courses.

Areas of Emphasis

The LIS Program offers two tracks: the School Library Media Specialist Certification, and the General Track. Within the General Track, students can specialize further according to professional goal: Academic Librarianship, Archival Studies and Special Collections LibrarianshipHawaiian/Pacific & Asian Resources, Library Automation/Information Technology, Public Librarianship, and Special Librarianship. These areas of emphasis are not hard-and-fast tracks, but rather a set of suggested courses that will provide additional experience and understanding in a certain specialization. The program also offers a certificate in Archival Studies, which is only offered as part of the MLISc.