Deleted Courses

The following classes are no longer offered.

LIS 100 Using Information Critically (3)
Use of libraries and information technology for scholarly investigation; examines information literacy, critical thinking, digital libraries, university role in knowledge creation. Cross-listed as CAS 101.
Note: LIS graduate students may teach this freshman-level course in the LIS-690 internship program. LIS-665 is recommended as preparation for the LIS-100 internship.

LIS 602 Introduction to Multimedia Technology & Resources
Syllabus Carol Kellett
extended syllabus (online) Carol Kellett
Introduces the latest specialized technologies for providing, managing, and designing information services for libraries. Provides basic experience in desktop productivity software and Web publishing, bibliographic database software, and qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

LIS 661 Information Sources & Systems in the Humanities
Syllabus Nahl
Syllabus Richardson
Lecture course on information structures of humanities disciplines, including fine arts, applied arts, theater arts, literature, music, religion, philosophy. Information cycle, print and digital reference services, information seeking research in the humanities. Field research component.Pre: LIS 601

LIS 662 Information Sources & Systems in the Social Sciences
Syllabus Nahl
Syllabus Richardson
Lecture course on the information structures of social science disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, psychology, education, business, history, political science. Information cycle, print and digital reference services, information-seeking research in the social sciences. Field research component. Pre: LIS 601

LIS 664 Abstracting & Indexing for Information Services
Syllabus Jacso
Lecture course on theory and practice of enhancing subject access to documents, impact of indexing vocabulary on retrieval; types of controlled vocabularies; evaluation of abstracts in professional databases, creation of abstracts for special local and regional documents. Pre: LIS 670

LIS 695 Seminar in Research in Library & Information Science
Various methodologies and application to problems of librarianship. Evaluation of research studies, developing, writing, critiquing proposals. Experience with statistical packages for data analysis.

LIS 715 Seminar in Information Policy & Planning
Public and organization information policy and planning in society; public access; impact and issues of information technology and the Internet; privacy, security, globalization, intellectual freedom, copyright issues.