Hawaii State Archives

Location: Iolani Palace Grounds, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Supervisor: Gina Vergara-Bautista
Phone: 586-0323
Fax: 586-0330
Email: gina.s.vergara-bautista@hawaii.gov
Website: ags.hawaii.gov/archives/

Description of library/collection

Hawaii State Archives collects, preserves and makes available to the public Hawaii government records of permanent value. These government records date from the monarchy to the current legislative session, and include private collections of individuals and organizations, photographs, maps, artifacts, and library collections specializing in Hawaiian history, culture and Pacific voyages.

Description of internship

Intern will be assisting in the creation, organization, and providing access to Hawaii State Archives’ digital assets using open source software such as Greenstone for providing access to digital records, Irfanview for preparing those records for access, and Plone for content management. Intern will use scanner with appropriate software and Access for database design/management.

Required qualifications

LIS 601, any of the ICS courses, familiarity with a programming language, understanding of the WWW, ability to perform work accurately with attention to detail under minimal supervision (after training), effective written and verbal communications.

Desired qualifications

Experience using Greenstone, Irfanview, Plone, Access and scanner. Interest in Hawaiian history.

Weekly schedule

Flexible within Archives working hours of 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Learning/experiential goals or work outcomes expected

Introductory understanding of practical digital asset management.
Experience creating, organizing, and providing access to digital collections.
Documenting institutional procedures.
Collecting and analyzing online usage statistics.

Evaluation process/format

Ongoing informal feedback and discussion throughout the semester will be used; a log of activities and time spent on each project is encouraged.

Evaluation schedule

The supervising librarian will complete the LIS 690 Evaluation Form at the end of the semester.