Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Location: 1 Crater Rim DRive, Hawaii National Park, HI 96718
Supervisor: Helen Wong SMith
Phone: 808-985-6321
Email: Helen_Wong_Smith@nps.gov

Description of library/collection

Resource library with over 3,000 published titles, unpublished titles and a considerable pamphlet collection which has been previously cataloged using Dewey Decimal into a card system. While many of the published titles have been entered into Voyager with LCSH and call number, a number of published titles were accessioned into the park archives which the archivist believes is inappropriate.

Description of internship

Intern will conduct original cataloging of unpublished titles, unique National Park Service (NPS) reports for inclusion in NPS Voyager. Intern will also be involved in archival processing of material held in the archives but require inclusion in NPS Voyager for increased discovery. Intern will be creating digital format of selected archival resources with standardized metadata, i.e. DACS, MODS for public access.

Required prerequisites/qualifications

LIS 605
LIS 670

Desired qualifications

Experience with original cataloging, archival processing, digitization standards.

Weekly schedule

10 hours/week to be determined based on Intern’s other commitments and class schedule

Learning/experiential goals or work outcomes expected

Intern will achieve proficiency with content and description standards for digital objects and records by the cataloging records produced.

Evaluation process/format

Number and quality of catalog records added to NPS databases, i.e. Voyager, NPS Focus

Evaluation schedule

Mid-semester and final assessments by Supervising Librarian/Archivist