Kauai Community College

Kauai Community College
3-1901 Kaumualii Highway
Lihue, HI 96766
Supervisor: Bob Kajiwara
Phone: (808) 245-8236
Email: kajiwara@hawaii.edu
Website: http://www2.kauaicc.hawaii.edu/instructors/index.php?name=library_main

Description of department/library

Community College Library within the University of Hawaii Library System

Description of internship

Interns may be trained among the following duties in the library: reference, circulation, and technical services

Required qualifications

Some library courses, including LIS 601

Desired qualifications

Some library work experience

Weekly schedule (Proposed)

Can offer a flexible work schedule within the 7:30am to 4:00pm time period. May be required to work occasional weekend and evening hours

Learning/experiential goals or work outcomes expected

Interns will have acquired a working knowledge in the workflow of a library, and more specifically, will have gained hands on experience in the different departments of the library

Evaluation process/format

Use of the LIS 690 evaluation form

Evaluation schedule

Evaulations will be done at mid-semester and upon the completion of the internship at the end of the semester