Pearl City Public Library

Location: 1138 Waimano Home Road.
Supervisor: Vicky Bowie
Phone: 453-6567
Fax: 453-6570

Description of department/library

Pearl City Public Library is a regional library serving the needs of the Pearl City community and the Leeward area. Our collections include Adult, Young Adult, Juvenile, microfilm, foreign languages, and audiovisual materials. We are also a repository for Hawaii State and Navy documents.

Description of internship

Intern will work at both Adult Reference and Children’s Reference, conduct library orientations/tours upon request, host a library program, perform a storytime, and weed a portion of the Adult collection.

Required pre-requisite courses

LIS 601: Introduction to Reference and Information Services
LIS 615: Collection Management
LIS 663: Basic Database Searching

Desired qualifications

Strong Internet and computer skills.
Strong customer service skills.

Weekly schedule

Flexible but prefer some Sunday hours; the library is open 6 days a week. Public Service Hours: Sunday 10-5, Monday and Tuesday 12-8, Wednesday and Thursday 9-5, Friday 1-5, Closed on Saturdays/Holidays.

Learning/experiential goals or work outcomes expected

Learn about issues related to public libraries and receive training/experience as a public librarian.

Evaluation methods

Supervisor will go over goals and expectations at the beginning of Internship, evaluate progress midway, and give a final assessment at the end.