Straub Clinic and Hospital: HPH Medical Services Resource Center

Straub Clinic and Hospital
888 South King St.
Honolulu, HI 96813
Supervisor: David Coleman
Phone: 808-522-4471
Fax: 808-522-3472

Description of collection

The Hawai‘i Pacific Health Medical Services Resource Center maintains two physical locations. The sites are the Arnold Library, located at Straub Clinic and Hospital and the Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women and Children. The Resource Center provides medical information, resources, and services to help clinicians and their work in patient care, education, research and management. The library maintains a small collection on training materials but the majority of the resources are provided in electronic format.

Description of Library Student position

The student will gain training and experience in providing service in one or more areas of interest: resource management, electronic resource evaluation, collection acquisition or resource creation (such as PowerPoint presentations, videos, marketing tools).

The student would be trained in processing of collection materials, exposure to evaluation of electronic resources, Pub Med searching for medical literature and use of the media software. The student would also help collect data on the effectiveness of the program.

We expect the student to contribute to the Medical Library by attending monthly meetings with the Center supervisor. We also expect the student to contribute to the Resource Center efforts to determine the effectiveness of the program by researching the literature, discussing ideas with the other librarians and proposing, planning or participating in surveys or other research methods.

The student will assist in raising awareness among the HPH clinicians about the Medical Library resources, services and expertise.

Required qualifications

Completed or currently enrolled in a collection management course.

Desired qualifications

Interest in Medical Librarianship and the Medical Education process.

Weekly schedule

Internship days and hours will be developed based on the students’ class schedule and the needs of the Resource Center.

Learning/experiential goals or work outcomes expected

  • An explanation of the HPH mission, goals and objectives will be discussed as well as ways in which the Resource Center supports those ends.
  • An electronic resource development project and time-line will be developed.
  • A set of desired outcomes based on the professional development goals for the student will be developed.
  • A schedule for additional tasks will be developed.

Evaluation methods

  • Student and Librarian will discuss goals at the beginning of the internship
  • Student and Librarian will meet formally at midpoint to discuss how well goals are being met
  • Librarian who work with student will provide training, support, and feedback throughout the internship

Evaluation schedule

Ongoing, every week.