Tripler Army Medical Library

Tripler Army Medical Center
Medical Library MCHK-HE-ML
1 Jarrett White Rd
Tripler AMC, HI 96859
Supervisor: Mabel Trafford
Phone: 433-4534
Fax: 433-4892

Description of collection

The Medical Library at Tripler Army Medical Center serves the information needs of the clinical, nursing and administrative staff of Tripler as well other Dept of Defense medical facilities at Hickam, Pearl Harbor, Japan and Korea. Tripler is a teaching hospital with over 14 clinical and nursing training programs. The Medical Library is 10K square feet in size, with a collection of 8K books, 400 print journal subscriptions, 30K bound journal volumes and access to over 4K electronic journals. Staff includes 4 librarians & 2 library technicians.

Description of internship

At the present time, the Medical Library at Tripler is supporting 2 active Clinical Librarianships (2 librarians attend 2 morning reports every week in 2 residency training programs; as clinical questions arise, the medical literature is consulted, & the librarians present their search results). The internship would temporarily expand the service to Pediatrics and would also help us collect data on the effectiveness of these programs.

Required qualifications

At least one database searching course.

Desired qualifications

Interest in Medical Librarianship and the Medical Education process.

Weekly schedule

Ten hours per week; will depend on the morning report schedule in the Pediatrics program and on the intern’s class schedule.

Learning/experiential goals or work outcomes expected

We expect the student to contribute to the Medical Library by attending morning report in Pediatrics for the semester. This will raise awareness among the Pediatrics residents and attending physicians about Medical Library resources, services and the expertise of the librarians. We also expect the student to contribute to the Medical Library’s effort to determine the effectiveness of the Clinical Librarianship program by researching the literature, discussing ideas with the other librarians and proposing, planning or participating in surveys or other research methods.

Evaluation methods

Evaluation will be ongoing. Librarians get together after every morning report to discuss possible clinical questions and the Medical Library’s response. Database choices and search strategies will be evaluated for appropriateness. Any clinical question formulations and response pages will be evaluated for clarity and timeliness.

Evaluation schedule

Ongoing, every week.