UHM-Hamilton Library: Cataloging

Location: Hamilton Library: Cataloging
Supervisor: varies; Contact Michael Chopey
Phone: 956-2648
Email: chopey@hawaii.edu

Description the library/collection:

Monograph cataloging & classification

Description of internship:

  • Directed reading and research on USMARC Format for bibliographic data, OCLC bibliographic formats and standards, Voyager system documentation, Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Library of Congress Classification Schedules, Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, and Cataloging Service Bulletin.
  • Hands-on searching on: OCLC database, Library of Congress Authority Files, Voyager Public Access Catalog, and RLIN database.
  • Adaptive and original cataloging of monographs using Voyager cataloging module and OCLC.
  • Upgrading minimal level cataloging records to full cataloging.
  • Assistance with special cataloging-related projects within the department.
  • If the intern is interested and time permits, introduction to cataloging materials in other formats or languages.

Required pre-requisite courses:

LIS 605 Metadata Creation for Information Organization

Desired qualifications:

LIS 606 Advanced Cataloging & Classification (completed or taken concurrently)

Weekly schedule

Flexible (suggested min. 3 hrs/day, avg. 10 hrs/week)

Learning/experiential goals or work outcomes expected:

  • To apply the principles of descriptive cataloging, subject analysis and classification to materials acquired by UHM Libraries.
  • To learn how to appropriately apply the standard cataloging tools and reference materials.
  • To develop marketable cataloging and database maintenance skills using an online cataloging system.