UHM-Hamilton Library: Desktop Network Services – ScholarSpace

Location: Hamilton Library Digitizing/Desktop Network Services
Supervisor: Sara Lee
Phone: 956-6130
Fax: 956-5968
Email: saralee@hawaii.edu
Website: Desktop Network Services

Description of collection

In 2007, the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (UHM) Library began developing its institutional repository, ScholarSpace (http://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu). Its mission is to store the intellectual works and unique collections of this academic community and to provide an open and permanent web location for those accessing these resources.

ScholarSpace houses a range of scholarly materials, including journal articles, oral history transcripts, audiovisual materials, and datasets. It is one way that UHM shows its support of open access—free, immediate, online access to scholarly research that can be used to further knowledge and innovation.

Description of internship

In the Fall semester, interns will focus on open access issues. Projects will include assisting with Open Access Week and providing outreach to students and faculty about open access and ScholarSpace.

In the Spring semester, interns will focus on institutional repository issues. Projects will include developing and managing ScholarSpace, and providing outreach to students and faculty about open access and ScholarSpace.

Duties and projects may include the following:

  • Creating or updating web pages
  • Reformatting and optimizing digital files (e.g. format conversion, OCR processing)
  • Creating, editing, and verifying metadata
  • Researching practices and standards related to digital repositories and open access
  • Developing, promoting, and running Open Access Week programs
  • Administering ScholarSpace to make corrections and add new materials
  • Writing and presenting training materials and documentation for ScholarSpace

Required prerequisites/qualifications

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Familiarity with common computer hardware and software, and web-based applications
  • Event planning experience (Fall Semester)
  • LIS 601: Intro to Reference Information Services

Weekly schedule


Learning/experiential goals or work outcomes expected

In addition to learning valuable project management skills, working in a large university library will give interns the opportunity to experience the rigors and demands of a real-life working environment. After a semester, the student should be familiar with:

  • The diverse nature of academic librarianship
  • The process of developing and delivering library outreach
  • Using online and multimedia tools as an extension of public services
  • Policy and philosophical issues within an academic environment
  • Trends and issues related to institutional repositories and open access
  • Creating and managing internet-accessible digital materials

Evaluation methods

Interns will be evaluated on reliability; cooperative attitude and communication skills when organizing activities; ability to organize their work and time in a self-sufficient manner; and quality of contribution to assigned projects.

Evaluation will be on-going in the form of weekly email reports to, or discussions with, the supervising librarian. The LIS 690 Evaluation form will be used as the formal assessment document. A final short (1-2 pages) written report of tasks accomplished and learning evaluation will be expected.

Evaluation schedule

As outlined in the LIS 690 syllabus.