UHM-Hamilton Library: Desktop Network Services – ScholarSpace

Location: Hamilton Library Digitizing/Desktop Network Services
Supervisor: Beth Tillinghast
Phone: 956-6130
Fax: 956-5968
Website:Desktop Network Services

Description of collection

In 2007 the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library began developing, ScholarSpace, its first institutional repository. The mission for ScholarSpace is to store the intellectual works and unique collections of this academic community and to provide a permanent web location for those accessing these resources.

Description of internship

Duties and projects may include the following: reformatting HTML pages to something more suitable for ScholarSpace, which is the system used for the institutional repository, creating collections pages within ScholarSpace working from collection worksheets, training collection submitters in how to submit content, becoming backup collection administrators and helping with creating and correcting collections pages, helping to develop and refine the supplementary pages added to support ScholarSpace, creating and adjusting images for faculty pages and for logos on collection pages, writing documentation for our users, helping review metadata pages, OCR’ing new collections as needed.

Equipment used may include: Windows microcomputers, flatbed scanners, microfilm scanner, overhead book scanner, Hawaii Voyager online catalog, OCLC Connexion (formerly CORC) cataloging system, zip disk backup system, CD ROM writer, digital camera. Software used may include: image/graphic manipulation and conversion (Paintshop Pro), scanning, backup, Hawaii Voyager cataloging, OCR conversion (FineReader), WWW browsers, HTML encoders (HomeSite, Dreamweaver), FTP and Telnet, word processing and spreadsheet.

Required prerequisites/qualifications

Familiarity with Windows microcomputers and basic Windows software; understanding of WWW, acquaintance with principles of HTML encoding; ability and desire to do work that requires self-direction, attention to detail and pattern recognition skills.

Weekly schedule

Variable. Work will take place primarily in Hamilton Library. Most tasks will be done on PCs located in the Desktop Network Services unit’s Digitizing workroom, located in Hamilton Library. Work should be scheduled in minimum 2 hour segments, between 10am and 6pm, Monday-Friday. However, schedule could be modified to include earlier or later hours and/or weekends once intern is familiar with what needs to be done.

Learning/experiential goals or work outcomes expected

Gain greater familiarity with the process of developing an institutional repository and the many different tasks involved; research and direct experience with issues relating to creation of an institutional repository; experience with making image and other files available for use on WWW; HTML encoding and design and indexing experience. Work outcomes will vary depending on current status of library’s repository project but one outcome could be the creation of a new collection within the repository, development of training material related to the repository instruction, development of support webpages.

Evaluation methods

Interns will be evaluated on reliability, ability to organize their work and time in a self-sufficient manner, evidence of increasing competence with appropriate software and equipment; ability to accurately interpret and/or seek clarification and follow through on instructions and assignments; evidence of interest level during the internship. Evaluation will be on-going in the form of weekly email reports to, or discussions with, supervising librarian. LIS 690 Evaluation form will be used as the formal assessment document. A final short (1-2 pages) written report of tasks accomplished and learning evaluation will be expected.

Evaluation schedule

As per outlined in the LIS 690 syllabus.