UHM-Hamilton Library: Jean Charlot Collection

Location: Hamilton Library Room 502, Jean Charlot Collection
Supervisor: Bron Solyom, Curator
Phone: 956-2849
Fax: 956-5968
Email: brons@hawaii.edu
Website: http://libweb.hawaii.edu/libdept/charlotcoll/charlot.html

Description of collection

The Jean Charlot Collection is an internationally recognized collection of artist’s papers. The papers relate to the artist, scholar, teacher and collector Jean Charlot (1898-1979) and those with whom he came in contact over his long career in France,Mexico, the United Statesespecially Hawaii, and the Pacific. The holdings include publications, documents, artworks, archives and manuscripts, AV materials, and memorabilia. The collection serves local and international students and scholars as well as the art community. It has been credited in dozens of publications, and items from it have been exhibited widely.

Description of internship

Internship projects will be tailored to the intern’s interests and the current activities in the collection. Opportunities are offered to participate in the curatorial duties associated with preserving the collection and serving its diverse patrons: for example, collection care and preservation, cataloging and bibliographic activities, preparation of archival inventories and finding aids, exhibition planning and preparation, and web site development.

Required prerequisites/qualifications

  • One semester of LIS coursework
  • Responsible, detail-oriented careful person, comfortable working independently after training, able to exercise initiative and act with a high level of judgement
  • Writing ability
  • Computer skills including experience with word processing, spreadsheets, database and web page creation

Desired qualifications

  • Background or interest in art history or studio art, especially painting or printmaking
  • Reading ability in French or Spanish
  • Coursework, training or experience relating to libraries, museums or art galleries, specifically involving preservation, cataloging, or archival practices
  • “Decent” handwriting

Weekly schedule

Typically 10 hours a week for a total of 150 hours to be completed by the end of the semester.

Learning/experiential goals or work outcomes expected

  • Understanding of management and operations issues associated with a highly specialized collection and how it fits into a large and complex academic library system
  • Expanded knowledge of the subjects covered by the collection
  • Hands-on experience of one or more aspects of curatorial duties

Evaluation methods

Initial consultation to define specific projects, goals and expectations. Informal feedback during the semester. Final written evaluation using standard LIS 690 evaluation form.

Evaluation schedule

One written evaluation upon completion of 150 hours.